Evaluate Your Media Spending & the Calls You Generate.

Posner Miller TrakSource allows you to capture vital intelligence about your prospects and client - and how you handle them. We partner with you to provide the knowledge and tools you need to turn that intelligence into profit. If the phone is an important part of your business sales and service model, Posner Miller TrakSource will ensure that you mine every piece of data out of every call from every client.

Ramp up Your Marketing Effectiveness.

Posner Miller TrakSource takes the guesswork out of your media strategy, staffing, forecasting and media buying. We provide a unique telephone number for each marketing campaign you want to track. Calls to these numbers route through our system and ring to your phone.

As each call comes through our secure and reliable IP Network, our system gathers statistical information, including caller and campaign data. This ensures that you are tracking your advertisements in the most accurate way possible. There is nothing to install. There is no hardware or software to buy. We simply point a number to your existing telephone number.

Take the Inside Trak & Get the Competitive Edge.

Negotiate media buys from a position of strength–knowledge is power! Turn your marketing engine into the picture of efficiency. By measuring return-on-investment for each marketing initiative through our simple, informative reports, you can optimize your advertising campaigns and eliminate wasteful ads.

Improve Customer Service and Ensure Employee Accountability.

18% of all calls to a business go unanswered! Posner Miller TrakSource lets you hear what the customer wants, in the customer’s own words. The system records all inbound calls, and allows them to be played back through a web browser. Managers are able to listen to recorded calls and evaluate customer reactions. Each recording is a training tool for a number of phone skills. Your representatives will be able to perfect their introductions and greetings, technical knowledge, professionalism, and closing skills.

Improve Sales Efficiency with Posner MillerTrakSource

Collect data on every call your company receives (even if the call was missed, met with a busy signal or before or after business hours). Categorize, prioritize & personalize your callbacks. Automatically feed data into your CRM or lead manager and reuse the data in future targeted marketing campaigns. Provide lead lists to your sales team, allowing them to contact every prospect before they can call your competition.

Adjust call responses, call training and current incentives accordingly. Get reports in any way that works for you: online, fax or email. Vanity numbers are available to add even more value to your marketing efforts.