Search Engine Marketing

Posner Miller’s dedication to constant campaign performance monitoring and insight results in extraordinary click through rates and a lower cost per lead. Our Search team, trained at Google, is supported by a dedicated Google account group in Mountain View, California. We’re among the first to participate in Google beta programs. Our campaigns successfully drive down cost-per-lead and cost-per-transaction. Our comprehensive reporting methodology identifies what is working best to deliver transactions.

We offer automated daily email campaign performance reports that show how many of your pay per click leads are coming through your website versus by phone.

Tracking Phone Numbers

Posner Miller provides all customers with unique remote call forward (RCF) phone numbers that can be used to track your leads. These numbers are unique to your campaign, insuring that the calls on your report are only from your online efforts via Posner Miller Advertising.

RealTime™ Proxy

Posner Miller takes each customer’s site and creates a proxy site, so that when a user clicks on your ad the results can be tracked—right down to the IP address. This is not a copy of your site; it is a real time proxy that goes to your site, grabs the page, looks for elements that we’ve designated to be changed (such as a RCF number) and then sends the results back to the user…all in the blink of an eye.