Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing involves communicating with a consumer via cellular (or mobile) devices. Mobile connectivity not only enables people to connect to the web via a cell phone, PDA or any mobile device, but it combines a variety of different communication channels into a simple, yet effective, medium.

Some of the practices we employ to reach consumers on multiple cross functional levels are the following:

  • Short message service (SMS)
  • Multimedia messaging services (MMS)
  • In-game mobile marketing
  • Bluetooth, wireless and infrared
  • Mobile internet and social media
  • Mobile applications
  • Location-based services

You may simply wish to explore how to make your website appear more readable and user friendly on a mobile device. Let our Interactive team improve your business’s PDA appearance.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications (apps) for smart phones and other mobile devices allow users to bridge the gap from common uses on a desktop or notebook computer by assisting in ease of use and portability.

Consumer use of their smart phones and other mobile devices is growing at a phenomenal pace. Rapidly evolving technology for devices and networks as well as graphics and media continually present new opportunities for creative advertisers. Passionate about staying ahead of the curve, Posner Miller Advertising’s Interactive Service team develops custom mobile applications (apps) that can deliver your message to the palm of your consumers hand, 24/7.