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Digital Marketing For The Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality Industry is Booming
The travel and hospitality industry is estimated to reach $107 billion in online sales this year. According to a recent study, over 114 million people are expected to research travel online. Of those 114 million potential customers, 83 percent of them will ultimately book online. Here’s another fun fact. 468 million smart phones will be sold this year alone, a whopping 58 percent increase from last year. 35 percent of those new smart phone users expect to book their travels on their phones next year. This is great news for the hospitality industry. Read the rest of this entry »

Posner Profile | Yuval Greenblatt
Executive Vice President, Douglas Elliman

We met with Yuval Greenblatt, Executive Vice President of the top real estate firm Douglas Elliman on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to talk real estate, technology and its impact on both our industries.

We recently Googled you and saw that you’re often cited as an expert in the real estate industry for well-known publications like the NY Times, NY Magazine, Forbes and The Real Deal. What’s the secret to your success?

Having the good fortune of working in an executive capacity for one of the most respected firms in the industry for many years has provided opportunities that others do not get. My success is related to my special interest in all aspects of the real estate industry and especially architecture and it’s impact on the best city in the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 5 Marketing Tips For Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are on the rise. We see this growing trend first hand in New York City with the recent opening of The Ace, The Mondrian Soho, The Gramercy Park and The Bowery.

According to a NY Times article, the lifestyle hotel trend is largely due to travelers becoming increasingly tired of the ubiquitous nature of large hotel chains and their growing preferences for unique and “off beat” hotel experiences. NYU’s Hospitality & Tourism Dean, Bjorn Hanson, estimates that almost a third of hotel openings this year will be boutique hotels, with increased revenues per available room projected at 12 percent in 2011.

As a leader in hospitality marketing, I believe that, as more and more boutique hotels are introduced, being unique and “off beat” will no longer be enough. Boutique hotels will soon have to establish proactive marketing strategies to help differentiate themselves and to create visibility in a saturated market.

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Marketing To The Elusive Luxury Audience Pt. 2

In my last blog post, I talked about how the marketing and media environment is blossoming with ways to reach out to top five percent of affluent consumers and business leaders.  Since I last wrote, the tides have turned a bit.

I recently learned that Halogen Media Group, an online media partner, has broadened their business model from an online luxury advertising network to a prestige online communication network. Halogen’s newly launched website states, “Our mission is to help prestige brands leverage…their audiences to create brand consideration and preference.” Sounds like a subtle nuance but in fact it’s a huge paradigm shift for Halogen.

Many luxury brands have recognized that one way to increase business significantly is to create products that embrace consumers at a more accessible price point. Halogen”s VP of Sales, Lance Goler, said that, “Apple, W Hotels and Coach are perfect examples of prestige brands.” What these brands have in common is that unlike traditional luxury brands, they command a desirable price point and are created for the masses rather than exclusively for the most affluent of consumers. Halogen’s future target seems to include the 10 percent market with household incomes in excess of $150K.

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