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Good Brands Are Not For Everyone

Film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times, Roger Ebert, recently wrote that good movies are not for everyone, only the bad ones are. How very poignant. I began to think about what he said and how it could relate to marketing.

If bad brands are made for everyone, what does it take to be a good brand? Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Boutique Hotel Web Sites

What do the Ace, Gramercy Park, Grand, Morgans Group and Standard Hotels all have in common? Yes, they are trendy New York City hotel establishments, each with its own unique brand culture. We all know that. But what else?

Give up? All five hotel brands have implemented aggressive online strategies. And coincidentally, it seems that they all decided to do it back in 2010 with the official launch of their blogs.

Now that a year has passed, we decided it’s the perfect time to study the success of each brand’s online strategy based on how searchable, accessible and memorable their Web sites & blogs really are. How will we do this? By comparing the amount of online votes based on Google’s Pagerank and Yahoo links each Web site has achieved as well as relentlessly analyzing the overall design and content of each of the hotel brand’s official blogs.


The Ace Hotel received an overall Pagerank of 6. In Google language, that’s huge. On a scale of 1-10, having a score of 6 means that their Web site contains a lot links (votes) from very respectable sources. Yahoo measured a total of  8,557 incoming links to their site. What we can assume from these numbers is that the Ace Hotel has an extremely authoritative presence online. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 5 NYC Real Estate Social Influencers

For those who aren’t familiar with Klout, it is a metric system that rates the social influence of Twitter accounts. Having a high Klout score is advantageous because it serves as an honorary badge for online members to recognize. In other words, Klout is like the credit score report for one’s digital reputation.

We decided to test out Klout’s new redesigned Web site and conduct a report comparing the top Manhattan real estate firms. We sought to answer the question: What real estate firms are establishing an influential presence online?

Here, a list of the five top Manhattan real estate firms we thought deserved further investigating.

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10 Ways Ad Agencies Can Help With Social Media

By now, most businesses understand the steps involved in creating a social media campaign. They probably know how to create a blog, how to post on Facebook and how to Tweet. Some businesses might even know how to design their own online banner ads.

But with all these self-publishing tools, do businesses really know what to do after the creation process? That’s the concern with many of our clients.

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