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Creating Cohesive Traditional & Digital Marketing Campaigns

A recent study by the CMO Council revealed that only 9% of senior-level marketers believe traditional ad agencies are excelling at extending digital services to their clients. Although some may find this study discouraging, the study reveals an incredible opportunity for ad agencies to improve communication with their clients on the services offered.

The survey also revealed aggravations marketers have with their ad agencies. The number one grievance cited by marketers in the study was that ad agencies often lack knowledge or understanding of their business.  Understanding a client’s business is an area that Posner Advertising excels in. Since 1959, we have provided creative solutions for healthcare, hospitality, real estate, retail and luxury markets. As mentioned in a previous blog post, Peter Posner stated “We take pride in serving these markets and continue to find and implement new ways to assist and educate our clients.”

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Tips for Providing Exceptional Customer Care Online

Providing customers with an exceptional customer experience is essential for luxury brands.  From the way staff greets customers to all of the efforts made to ensure every customer experience is outstanding, luxury brands have mastered delivering customer care that goes above and beyond. To date, only a handful of brands have figured out how to deliver this same level of care online.

A few of the ways your brand can deliver outstanding care online are highlighted below:

Listen to Online Conversations
Brands that have yet to fully embrace social media and digital marketing should at a very minimum start monitoring online brand conversations. Regularly search your brand online and use Google alerts to monitor conversations.  Use Twitter search or free tools such as Twendz to monitor how people are responding to your brand. You should also monitor blogs discussing your brand. Both Technorati and Google Blog search tools are good tools to use for monitoring any brand discussions happening in the blogosphere.

Create Memorable Customer Experiences Online
Most businesses have a strategy in place for providing exceptional customer experiences. This same focus needs to be delivered online. Brands can enhance customer experiences by providing interesting lifestyle content, sharing employee stories, inviting customers to share their own stories and sharing videos and photos that cater to the unique interests of your customers. Read the rest of this entry »

Luxury Trends to Watch in 2012

In the age of social media and mobile technology, luxury brands have a plethora of ways to reach and engage affluent consumers. Consumers are savvier and making more informed decisions by tapping into the opinions of not only their friends and family members but those found on review and social networking sites.

To help you continue to navigate the constantly-changing luxury environment, we’ve highlighted a few of the trends expected to impact luxury marketing below.

Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences – Everywhere

Affluent consumers have always celebrated brands and services that continuously strive to exceed their expectations. We expect this trend to continue in 2012 on a much broader scale. Whether staying at a hotel, visiting a website or accessing information on a mobile device, consumers expect brands to deliver an exceptional experience on all platforms.

Luxury brands can no longer get away with slow-loading websites or stale content. Instead, brands need to embrace the power of storytelling to create online content that’s fresh, entertaining and engaging. Websites should load quickly, cater to the affluent consumer and be easy to navigate. Social media should engage customers on a more personal level.

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Posner Profile: Steven Rojas
Social Media Director of GrandLife Hotels

You can call Steven Rojas cool, confident or even a bit hubristic; whatever you call him, you can’t deny that he has an uncommon energy that sets him apart from us mere mortals. With equal parts vigor, passion and ease, he’s the kind of guy you could easily chat up with at the local bookstore, ask for directions at a random street corner or have an in-depth conversation about 60’s French indie films at a local bar at two in the morning. In short, Rojas is the kind of person we all gravitate towards. He has a great eye, great style and great instincts. Plus he’s inherently social.

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How to Create Good Brand Names

The Importance of a Brand Name
We all have names. Some names are typical, while others are quite unique. Names establish a good starting point, as they can give clues to one’s origin, gender and even aspirations.
Besides revealing our background, names also help distinguish us from one another.

Like people, brands can also be distinguished by name. However, a good brand name conveys a precise message and anchors the product to its inherent values. It not only provides a glimpse of its story, but rounds it, makes sense of it and reaffirms it. Read the rest of this entry »

Good Brands Are Not For Everyone

Film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times, Roger Ebert, recently wrote that good movies are not for everyone, only the bad ones are. How very poignant. I began to think about what he said and how it could relate to marketing.

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Marketing To The Elusive Luxury Audience Pt. 2

In my last blog post, I talked about how the marketing and media environment is blossoming with ways to reach out to top five percent of affluent consumers and business leaders.  Since I last wrote, the tides have turned a bit.

I recently learned that Halogen Media Group, an online media partner, has broadened their business model from an online luxury advertising network to a prestige online communication network. Halogen’s newly launched website states, “Our mission is to help prestige brands leverage…their audiences to create brand consideration and preference.” Sounds like a subtle nuance but in fact it’s a huge paradigm shift for Halogen.

Many luxury brands have recognized that one way to increase business significantly is to create products that embrace consumers at a more accessible price point. Halogen”s VP of Sales, Lance Goler, said that, “Apple, W Hotels and Coach are perfect examples of prestige brands.” What these brands have in common is that unlike traditional luxury brands, they command a desirable price point and are created for the masses rather than exclusively for the most affluent of consumers. Halogen’s future target seems to include the 10 percent market with household incomes in excess of $150K.

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Marketing To The Elusive Luxury Audience Pt. 1

Being in the forefront of luxury lifestyle marketing for years, the marketing environment has never been as rife with specific ways in which to reach out to the top five percent of affluent consumers and business leaders as it is right now. In fact, each day my office is being introduced to new magazines, clubs, lists, and websites that claim to cater to the wealthiest and most influential members of our society.

Why now? Is it that the recession is ending and finance leaders are no longer keeping a low profile on conspicuous consumption? Or is it that before the economy tanked, there were so many destinations, products and services developed for the growing worldwide market of mega millionaires?

Before the global financial meltdown, the number of millionaires worldwide seemed to be expanding exponentially and new luxury brands were being introduced daily. With such globalization and mass marketing we witnessed well-established luxury brands having difficulty maintaining their perceived exclusivity among the most affluent set. This created an opportunity for the introduction of the niche luxury brand.

That was then.
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