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Digital ID:
Justin Schnarr, Graphic & Web Designer

The advent of the digital age has made our communications systems more efficient. It has brought new meaning to the word ‘multi-tasking,’ made the world a smaller place and established the 24-hour workday. Here, we analyze  the amount of time we spend day-to-day immersed in our digital world… starting with our own team at Posner Advertising.

The Posner Advertising Team
Takes on iPhone Symphony

On June 21, 2011, the Posner Advertising team set out to the New York Stock Exchange to join other interactive community members taking part in a unique social experience called the iPhone Symphony. At exactly 11:45 p.m., scores of people gathered around in a circle and raised  their iPhones up high in the air, unifying a distinct and dense reverberating sound via an iPhone sound application developed by GROUP. The result was wondrous.

Posner Advertising participates in the iPhone Symphony by GROUP

Posner Profile: Steven Rojas
Social Media Director of GrandLife Hotels

You can call Steven Rojas cool, confident or even a bit hubristic; whatever you call him, you can’t deny that he has an uncommon energy that sets him apart from us mere mortals. With equal parts vigor, passion and ease, he’s the kind of guy you could easily chat up with at the local bookstore, ask for directions at a random street corner or have an in-depth conversation about 60’s French indie films at a local bar at two in the morning. In short, Rojas is the kind of person we all gravitate towards. He has a great eye, great style and great instincts. Plus he’s inherently social.

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How to Create Good Brand Names

The Importance of a Brand Name
We all have names. Some names are typical, while others are quite unique. Names establish a good starting point, as they can give clues to one’s origin, gender and even aspirations.
Besides revealing our background, names also help distinguish us from one another.

Like people, brands can also be distinguished by name. However, a good brand name conveys a precise message and anchors the product to its inherent values. It not only provides a glimpse of its story, but rounds it, makes sense of it and reaffirms it. Read the rest of this entry »