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Rodika Okolisan, Senior Account Executive

The advent of the digital age has made our communications systems more efficient. It has brought new meaning to the word ‘multi-tasking,’ made the world a smaller place and established the 24-hour workday. Here, we analyze  the amount of time we spend day-to-day immersed in our digital world… starting with our own team at Posner Advertising.

More Business With Less Friends

Last year, I had an overwhelming 500 friends on my Facebook account. Most of whom, I had not talked to in 20 years, had only met once, knew of through friends of friends or met strangely enough only online. I decided to stop spreading myself thin and to nurture the friendships that really mattered to me most. I decided to delete over 250 Facebook friends.

Lately, I found the same rule could be applied to businesses.

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Time Magazine recently issued a report linking digital devices with our sleeping behaviors. Below, an infograph of digital disturbances and how it affects our lives.

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Posner Profile | Peter Posner
President of Posner Advertising

What’s on your playlist today? Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, Black Eyed Peas, Aretha and Kanye West.

Describe an average day at your agency. Entertaining, fast-paced and intellectually engaging.

Looking at these shots of you, one would almost confuse you for an actor. Have you ever been told you resembled someone famous? Yes, many times and for many different entertainers that have absolutely no resemblance to each other. To name a couple - Mick Jagger, Willem Dafoe…when I was younger, I got Bon Jovi.

You’ve been in the advertising industry for over 20 years, how do you see advertising 10 years from now? Surely technology will continue to result in advertising that is increasingly more targeted and interactive as society accepts more invasive message delivery methods. Trends will change rapidly and the ability to stay nimble will be paramount.

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Television Advertising Tailored
For A Target Audience

Every year advertisers spend billions on television commercials. And every year advertisers lose millions of dollars on commercials tailored to large audiences. Why? Ads that don’t have optimal relevance on the majority of its receivers are wasteful ads.

Running a commercial on a major network is expensive and ineffective at reaching target audiences. The average price tag for a 30-second spot during the 2011 Super Bowl was approximately $3 million! Out of all the ads previewed during the Super Bowl, how many of those commercials were really of interest to its audience? This example may be extreme, so I’ll approach my argument from first hand experience. As a man, I am exposed to several cosmetics commercials each month. Each time an ad for Covergirl comes up, I immediately change the channel. Clearly, this is not effective advertising. Think about all of those marketing dollars Covergirl has wasted on the male audience?

A survey by the US Department of Labor states that Americans spend about 3 hours a day in front of the television. We also spend approximately 52 minutes of that time watching television commercials. So how do marketers capitalize on those 52 minutes and make better use of their advertising dollars? The answer to that question may lie in Google.

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