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Are you Missing out on Potential Customers?

Unlike a retail setting where you know customers have found you the minute they walk in the door, online customers can be searching for the products you offer 24/7 without you even knowing.

Every day consumers turn to the internet to research products and services.  As customers search online, businesses often miss out on the chance to engage potential customers because of missing elements on their company website. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Create Good Brand Names

The Importance of a Brand Name
We all have names. Some names are typical, while others are quite unique. Names establish a good starting point, as they can give clues to one’s origin, gender and even aspirations.
Besides revealing our background, names also help distinguish us from one another.

Like people, brands can also be distinguished by name. However, a good brand name conveys a precise message and anchors the product to its inherent values. It not only provides a glimpse of its story, but rounds it, makes sense of it and reaffirms it. Read the rest of this entry »