Are you Missing out on Potential Customers?

Unlike a retail setting where you know customers have found you the minute they walk in the door, online customers can be searching for the products you offer 24/7 without you even knowing.

Every day consumers turn to the internet to research products and services.  As customers search online, businesses often miss out on the chance to engage potential customers because of missing elements on their company website.

To help ensure your website is the site, customers discover first following these tips:

Optimize for your site for search engines. If you want customers to find your site first, you need to invest search engine optimization.  According to a study by the BIA/Kelsey Group, 97% of consumers research products and future purchases online. Three key SEO components to focus on include your domain name, keyword use, site tag and keyword-rich content.

For starters, you need to understand the keywords consumers are using to search for your product or service.   One of the best ways to find out the keywords consumers type into a search engine to land on your site is to use Google Analytics. You can also get keyword ideas for your website by using the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool .

Consider advertising online.  Another way to make sure customers can find your website is to use online advertising. To reach more customers, businesses of all sizes are investing more in online ads. According to a recent forecast by ZenithOptimedia total internet ad spend is predicted to grow this year at a rate of 17.9% and the internet’s share of total advertising will increase from 19.2% in 2012 to 24.7% in 2014.

Wonder where businesses are putting their online ad dollars?  A complete breakdown of online ad spending by format is listed below.

Don’t leave customers guessing about the services or products offered. Once customers find your site, make sure it’s easy to find the information they are looking for. On your homepage, avoid using empty statements such as “We strive to provide high quality products and exceptional customer service.”  Instead, opt for a single phrase that outlines what your company does or offers.  For instance, a sustainable watch manufacturer, Sprout Watches sums it all up with a simple tagline “An Eco-Friendly Timepiece.”    The more focused your content is, the better your site will do on SEO.  Make sure pages, headlines, photos and other content have keyword-rich tags that are a part of your website code.  Make your contact information, business hours and address easy to find as well.

Instantly engage customers.  Keep in mind that customers start to judge your business the minute find your site.  Examine how your site establishes trust. Are images relevant and do they load properly?  Is the site intuitive and easy to use? To keep customers engaged, consider offering free information such as tips, e-books or how to videos. Work to provide informational content that serves your customer needs.

Build relationships by collecting information. Now that a potential customer has found you, encourage them to keep in touch.  Make sure your site has a call to action that encourages customers to sign up for e-mail offers, newsletters and other updates.  Use this list of leads to stay in touch and build a relationship with potential customers.

Follow these steps and you’ll be less likely to miss out on an opportunity.   Taking these steps to optimize your website now will help you stay ahead of your competition.

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